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Selling Old And Used Cars

Posted on Nov 30, 2016 by in Cash For Cars |

There are numerous types of traditional methods for the sale of used cars. The cars may be sold through an auction specialist, to a dealer or privately. Each of the mentioned methods may have its own set of pros and cons. Another method which may be used for selling old cars is the removal of old car services. These services provide a number of advantages over the traditional ways of selling cars. Few of them include:

No hassle of negotiation

While selling used cars to private buyers or dealers, the car owners may be required to negotiate the terms and price with the prospective buyers. Most buyers tend to bargain and bring down the price initially quoted by the car owner. In car auctions, however, no negotiations take place as the quoted value of the vehicle depends on the number of participants and bidders in the auction and the price they quote for the car.

When cars are sold to cash for cars traders, the car owners are provided with an opportunity to define the expected price. Sellers can quote a price for the vehicle based on its market value. The traders then make efforts to match the price. The exact price of the car may, however, depend on its condition, model, year of manufacture and the mileage provided by it. Sellers are hence saved from the hassle of negotiating the price of the car with the buyers. This helps to save a considerable amount of time.

Freedom from carrying large amounts of cash

When sellers sell their used cars to private buyers, they are, most of the times paid in cash. This may cause various kinds of problems. Sellers may be required to count the cash, which may often prove to be a time-consuming task. Carrying large sums of money in public may also jeopardize the safety of the sellers. In case the payments are received by cheque, sellers may have to wait for a certain period of time. Only when the cheque is cleared, they may consider releasing the car. This can prove to be inconvenient to both the buyers and sellers. Cash for cars traders usually makes payments to car owners through bank transfer. The money is hence directly transferred to the bank account of the owner. This proves to be a convenient option as they are saved from the hassle of waiting or carrying large amounts of money in public.

No responsibility once the car has been sold

Most cars, when sold to private buyers, are accompanied by a special type of contract known as ‘sold as’ contract. The contract stipulates that the buyer has purchased the car in the current condition. This offers protection to sellers from issues that may arise due to the breakdown of the car in the future. However, while dealing with cash for car traders, buyers are not required to provide the contract document.

United Cash For Cars Melbourne provides an easy and convenient way for selling old and used cars. The method is hence preferred over the traditional methods.