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About Us

The Schumacher Shop is a blog dedicated to all Formula One and Ferrari racing enthusiasts, inspired by the one and only Michael Schumacher. We provide a huge range of articles, tips, tricks, interviews, trends and much more, to cover all of your racing queries. Our team is comprised of race car enthusiasts who love nothing more than talking, writing and dreaming about racing! They utilise this passion in every article they write, so you can be sure to love what you find here on our racing blog. Don’t forget to check in regularly so you don’t miss any updates!

About our Inspiration: Michael Schumacher is a world renowned race car driver. He is regarded by most to be the greatest Formula One driver of all time. He has records that still hold as of 2013 in race victories, fastest lap times, pole positions and most races he has won in a single season. If going through all the statistics that Schumacher has accrued through the seasons, he is statistically the best driver that F1 has ever had in it’s ranks.

Schumacher started out as most race car drivers do, by racing go-karts.  Working on his cabinets in his garage his father took a small motorcycle engine and attached it to his son’s pedal kart and away he went.  Never slowing down.  He wouldn’t stop racing until 2012, when at the conclusion of the race season with the F1 Mercedes Team he decided to retire for the second time, (first time in 2006).  Since then he has spent time with his family and variety of charities that he believes in, including UNESCO.